Saturday, January 4, 2014

Another Year, Another Set of New Resolutions

Somehow 2013 just flew by, and it was full of memories, milestones, and personal growth.  

Turning 25 was perhaps the most frightening milestone, leading to a few panicked "quarter life crisis" moments... but I've realized that I still have plenty of time to get that dream job, figure out what my "thing" is, and explore the many places that have been on my to-visit list since I was a kid hit with extreme wanderlust.  

This year I screamed and squealed at concerts featuring some of my favorite bands (Vampire Weekend, Belle and Sebastian, Band of Horses); started a new project with a friend that is making me extremely excited about the year ahead; finally made a dent in conquering my sleep, caffeine, and stress issues; moved to a fabulous new apartment with an old friend from school; and soaked up all Toronto's fashion weeks had to offer.  There were still plenty of tears, regrets, missed opportunities, and forgotten dreams, but I've come away with learnings to help me conquer 2014.

So here they are, a few of my top resolutions help make every 2014 minute count.  Here's hoping I keep more than just a few of them!
Anyone have any great resolutions they're striving to keep in 2014?