Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Audrey's Roman Holidays

I instantly gravitated towards this May's Vanity Fair the millisecond I recognized Audrey's stunning face radiating from the cover.  Stunning! I was ever the more pleased to open the issue and discover a photo spread from her time spent in Rome, filming classic movies such as Roman Holiday.

This brings me back to my own time in Rome.  How I wish I could be sipping an espresso in a darling piazza reading a good book.  

There's something particularly charming about this photo.  Perhaps it's the basket of flowers, or that wide grin, but I can't help but wish I was there with Audrey enjoying the view and swapping stories.

Cards with Gregory Peck? Enough said.

I'll take the suit, the car, and the pup, please and thank you!

See all of the beautiful pictures on the website here, or pick up a copy of Vanity Fair to treasure the pictures  in hand.


Monday, April 15, 2013

The Ever-Classic Shirtdress

An ultimate closet staple, the classic shirtdress is one of the easiest pieces to wear for spring and summer. It's so easy throw one on early in the morning before heading out to work, or after sleeping in on a Saturday and jaunting off to meet friends for brunch.  It's thankfully also a necessary piece in almost any designer's collection.  There are oh-so-many great ones from which to choose this year.  From the quintessential white, to the bright and fun gingham, these beauties are on the top of my wish list.

Now to find the closet space...


Monday, April 8, 2013

Easy, Peasy, French, and Cheesy

I came home the other day from work and felt utterly uninspired to cook up something legitimate... crackers and cheese it was!  Some may frown upon crackers and cheese as dinner, but when given a gourmet twist, I think it's fair game! Best part is that it's incredibly easy to make and incredibly delicious.
Just slice up some brie, pour your favorite jam on top (I prefer blueberry lavender), and sprinkle walnuts.  Pop into the oven at 400F in a casserole dish (or brie baker if you have one) and heat until the brie melts.  Then dip crackers, baguette, or sliced apples, and enjoy!

Bon Appetit!