Friday, December 14, 2012

Fabulous Friday - Office Holiday Party

Tonight's the night - my agency's infamous holiday party.  And yes, it IS infamous.  I'm apparently in for one heck of a fun and crazy night.  We're starting out with dinner at Crush Wine Bar, followed by an after-party at a nearby club, followed by other after-after-parties... Luckily I live mere blocks away.  Here's hoping no embarrassing photos end up on Facebook!

What I'll be wearing:

Dress: Max Mara Weekend | Necklace: J. Crew | Pearls: Belle de Mer | Pumps: Joe Fresh | Clutch: Juicy Couture | Lipstick: MAC

Wishing you the happiest of office (or school) holiday celebrations!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Supplies for the Stressed Sister-in-Law

I had such a hard time thinking about what to get my sister-in-law for the holidays.  She's the girl that already has everything she'd ever need, and wants very little.   Her style is simple and focused on neutral tones (very antithetical to me!).  But as a career woman, she is very focused on relaxing outside the office, even practicing yoga six days a week. So in honor of my sister-in-law (and any other woman trying to de-stress outside of school or work), I bring you my top supplies for the stressed:

Bath Supplies: Bath & Body Works | L'Occitane | Selfridges 
Vintage Books: Search your local used bookstore!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Gifts for the Morning Commuter

Being in my twenties and living in a big city, most of my friends are like me - spending at least an hour a day commuting to and from work on public transportation.  So for the Morning Commuter, I give you a list of goodies to make that time on subways and street cars just a little less daunting: 

Magazines: WWD | InStyle | Vogue
Mittens: Kate Spade
Coin Purse: J. Crew | Coach | Lacoste | Tory Burch

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Movember Style

My office loves to celebrate.  We love to have fun.  We take any opportunity to work as a team, have fun together, and celebrate moments.  One of our biggest annual activities is Movember.  We do Movember BIG.  Last year our office raised the second most of any marketing/advertising agency in Canada.  Many of our clients are Non Profits, so we take fundraising for great causes seriously.

Each year we make an official TrojanOne (or team MojanOne, as we've dubbed our Movember team) video.  This year is no exception!

I'm sure everyone has seen Psy's Gangam Style video.  Our MojanOne team leader enlisted us all to make our own version.  I bring you My Movember Style:

Unfortunately I, too, am in this video!  But thankfully I play only a very small part.  In the end it was actually a lot of fun to make, and it was great to see the entire office come together for one great cause.

We also celebrated the start of Movember with a fundraiser of hot shaves for the Mo Bros of the office, and manicures for the Mo Sistas.

Note the itty bitty mustache

Do you or your office take part in Movember?  What fun ways do you celebrate or fundraise?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Look to Lookmatic for New Specs

I absolutely love the myriad of affordable eyewear websites that have sprouted up online in recent years.  From Warby Parker and their get-one-give-one policy, to Eyebob's ridiculously extensive collection of fun frames, to BonLook's made in the USA designs, there are so many options available these days for under $100.  This year has been so much about personal change, and personal appearance (note the hair!) and style have not been left out!  I decided it was time for some new frames.

I loved F.E. Castleberry's tortoise shell frames and was thrilled to see they were from Lookmatic (read: under $100).  So I searched the site and came away with these two pairs:

I really wanted to get something a little different. I usually don't like clear frames, but these Hobbs frames had just enough old-school charm to them and still incorporated tortoise shell (my forever classic).  Plus, confession, I have a large head (thanks dad).  So these were a great fit.

I also loved the Unabashedly Prep's FDR choice, but have been searching high and low for a pair of black frames for ages.  I think these are just the ticket for a pair of classic, thick, nerdish black glasses, but without verging too much towards the ubiquitous Ray-Ban wayfarers or hipster rims seen all over (especially Toronto).

What do you think?  What's your go-to source for eyewear these days?


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where in the World has CanadianPrep Been?

It has been a shamefully long time since my last post.  To say that I fell off the blogger bandwagon would be a gross understatement.  The last year+ has been quite the whirlwind as I made the transition from student to young professional,  moved cities, and struggled to find out who I was and who I wanted to become.  As someone who has always had plans for everything, had checklists for life, and found uncertainty debilitatingly frightening (still do!), the last year has been life-changing in so many ways.  So what have I, CanadianPrep, been up to since last year?

I lost a job before I even started - The summer I worked as an intern for The Emily Post Institute was one of the best summers of my life.  When I graduated I had an opportunity to return to work in Sales/Marketing.  However, due to immigration issues, working in the US was not feasible.  It was devastating to have to pass on that job. 

Doesn't my old desk look lonely?  I miss my little Emily Post corner and everyone with whom I worked. Thankfully, one of my fellow interns moved to Canada and has quickly grown to become one of my best friends! Having her so near me has been such a blessing.  

I moved back home to Ottawa - Moving back in with my parents after  so many years of independence was slightly painful.  I have Polish parents. Strict Polish parents. Independence and autonomy are not in their vocabulary.  To suddenly have someone commenting on the fact that I was up working until 2am, drinking too many cups of coffee a day, or  not wearing enough layers on a cold day ate away at me.  I love my parents, but I am not meant to live with them ever again.  But that experience of moving back home was the push I needed to finally find a job in another city.

I started an internship in sports marketing - I'm not a big sports fan. I love rowing and horseback riding and always will. I differ from the Canadian stereotype by not being a diehard hockey fan.  But here I was, working in marketing consulting for sport organizations and sporting goods companies. And yet, it was a great experience!  My responsibilities started with research, but quickly piled on to the point where I was writing final reports for clients, conducting analysis on different markets, and coming up with strategic plans for a sport's 50th anniversary (note the ringette game photo above!).  My inner nerd was not only challenged and let loose, but it was also revered.  I loved it! It also led to a new full-time opportunity in....

Toronto! - I moved to Toronto in the new year, and am beyond thrilled to have settled into the fashion district of Canada's largest city.  Since moving I have reconnected with so many friends from school, expanded into non-profit sponsorship consulting through my job, became a vegetarian (thanks to my ever-fickle digestive system),

enjoyed the cultural offerings of my new city (like TIFF in the Park!) 

and Friday night parties at the Royal Ontario Museum (yes, I've been partying with dinosaurs!!),

went blonde after years of debating the change,

started dragon-boating (and won my first race!),

and attended my first fashion show!  Actually, I attended three, and it was a spectacular experience.  I love fashion. I have since I first wore my gap kids pleated corduroy skirt in elementary school.  I was in awe by what some fabric could do to change the way I felt about myself, my day, and the world around me. Getting to sit in the second row of three shows was a dream come true. 

So here I lounge on a long overdue vacation in Miami, a twenty-something with a new hair color, renewed confidence, and a better idea of who she is and wants to be.   I may not be able to post daily, but I am recommitting to blogging, my followers, and to fellow bloggers.  Join me as I continue to overcome any quarter-life crises thrown my way and  enjoy my new CanadianPrep life in Toronto.

Now to catch up on all that I've missed in everyone else's lives!