Monday, November 26, 2012

My Movember Style

My office loves to celebrate.  We love to have fun.  We take any opportunity to work as a team, have fun together, and celebrate moments.  One of our biggest annual activities is Movember.  We do Movember BIG.  Last year our office raised the second most of any marketing/advertising agency in Canada.  Many of our clients are Non Profits, so we take fundraising for great causes seriously.

Each year we make an official TrojanOne (or team MojanOne, as we've dubbed our Movember team) video.  This year is no exception!

I'm sure everyone has seen Psy's Gangam Style video.  Our MojanOne team leader enlisted us all to make our own version.  I bring you My Movember Style:

Unfortunately I, too, am in this video!  But thankfully I play only a very small part.  In the end it was actually a lot of fun to make, and it was great to see the entire office come together for one great cause.

We also celebrated the start of Movember with a fundraiser of hot shaves for the Mo Bros of the office, and manicures for the Mo Sistas.

Note the itty bitty mustache

Do you or your office take part in Movember?  What fun ways do you celebrate or fundraise?

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