Saturday, November 24, 2012

Look to Lookmatic for New Specs

I absolutely love the myriad of affordable eyewear websites that have sprouted up online in recent years.  From Warby Parker and their get-one-give-one policy, to Eyebob's ridiculously extensive collection of fun frames, to BonLook's made in the USA designs, there are so many options available these days for under $100.  This year has been so much about personal change, and personal appearance (note the hair!) and style have not been left out!  I decided it was time for some new frames.

I loved F.E. Castleberry's tortoise shell frames and was thrilled to see they were from Lookmatic (read: under $100).  So I searched the site and came away with these two pairs:

I really wanted to get something a little different. I usually don't like clear frames, but these Hobbs frames had just enough old-school charm to them and still incorporated tortoise shell (my forever classic).  Plus, confession, I have a large head (thanks dad).  So these were a great fit.

I also loved the Unabashedly Prep's FDR choice, but have been searching high and low for a pair of black frames for ages.  I think these are just the ticket for a pair of classic, thick, nerdish black glasses, but without verging too much towards the ubiquitous Ray-Ban wayfarers or hipster rims seen all over (especially Toronto).

What do you think?  What's your go-to source for eyewear these days?


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  1. I love them both! SOrry it's been crazy here...when are you here until?? xoxo