Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Too Much Travel!

With NYC, Miami, and then my temporary move to Vermont, I have spent far too much time traveling (and not enough catching up on blogging).  I realized that within a one week period, I had been on 10 (yes 10!) flights.  Holy Moly am I ever tired of airports and airplanes.  So in the spirit of traveling, here are some of my top necessities for those that also find themselves living out of their carry-ons for hours at a time.
A magazine- for when your brain just refuses to concentrate on the work you've brought with you. 
A wrap/scarf-  I've found that no airport or plane is ever consistent with its temperature control, so a wrap is a great way to stay warm when the ac is super strong, and it can double as a blanket when you find yourself asleep huddled into a ball while waiting for your flight.
Hand sanitizer- always necessary!
Sunglasses- especially if you're super tired for an early morning flight, these are great for take-off and landing
A healthy snack- If you're crossing borders, fruits and veggies are a no-no, so try to pack something that at least tastes like real fruit.  I find various nuts are also good, if unsalted (remember no liquids, and beverages in airports can be expensive, so no need to make yourself extra thirsty!).  
Gum-  My ears can be sensitive to the change in pressure, so I chew gum to help my ears 'pop'.  And I love the extra kick of energy I get from these!
Ipod with good headphones- I load mine up with several days worth of news podcasts to stay entertained (and informed!)  I also create various playlists- one for napping, one for waking up from my nap, one for reading, and one to seat-dance to.
Flip flops- easiest to get on an off in security lines.  Plus their super comfortable.  Although I wouldn't recommend them if you have limited time between flights and have to run in the airport.  I'm a klutz and tend to trip when I run in my flip flops, so if I have to run, I wear comfy ballet flats.
Big headband or a hat-  My hair always gets kinda frizzy when I fly, so I always bring a big headband or a hat to cover my bad hair.  And this one from Vineyard Vines is amazingly cute!
Notebooks-  You never know when inspiration is going to strike!  I love Moleskin notebooks.  I alway have one on me to jot down random thought.  I'm also always making lists and plans, which tend to get lost in my mind unless I write them down.
Pens-  For writing in notebooks and for filling out necessary travel documents like customs declaration forms and travel tags.
Lysol to go- For those of us who are a germaphobes.
Throat Lozenges- My throat tends to get dry very easily on planes, so I always keep a couple of these on hand.  
Emergen-C- This stuff i great!  It gives me a boost of energy and vitamins, and it's great for travel. If I have room I normally bring a small Nalgene with me so I can fill it with water after security and add one of these packets.  They're also pretty yummy.
Zip top tote-  I love Lands' End's zip top tote.  I always bring my large black and pink one when I travel because it fits so much, has plenty of pockets for easy organization, and has the added security of a zip top.  I'm always worried someone can reach into my purse and steal my passport, ipod, wallet, etc, so this bag gives me a little peace of mind.

For those of you traveling this summer, may your flights be on time, the people sitting around you be kind, and your destinations be fabulous!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Weekend in NYC

To celebrate finishing my degree, I met up with some friends from exchange in New York City. I had an amazing time! We were there for only three days, but we did so much. We had a picnic and rode bikes in Central Park, saw some art at the Modern Museum of Art, partied in the Financial District, and had some yummy food. While my friends recovered during the morning and early afternoons, I went out on my own to explore the city and do a little shopping (Hello, Lilly!). Before this trip I wasn't the biggest fan of NYC, but now I want to move there! It has an unmatchable variety, in people, in style, in food. I could never be bored in such a city. Here are some photos from my trip:
I stepped into Lilly Pulitzer, and the ladies who worked there were so unbelievably kind!  I was trying to find something special to wear to my graduation, and they helped me find the perfect dress.  I'll be sure to post a picture after the ceremony.

Hello, Kitty!
I took a Modern Art class this year, and it was amazing to be able to see all of the works I studied in person.  I only had an hour and a half in the museum, so I didn't get to really study the works carefully, but it was still incredible to see things first hand!

Stopped for a coffee in Bryant Park.  I love how busy the park was.  It's great that in such a busy city, people will still come out and sit on the lawn with their loved ones to relax.
I just loved the bright colors in Wholefoods.  We came here to stock up on goodies for our picnic.  I have never seen such a massive Wholefoods in my life!  It was at least three times larger than my old Wholefoods back in Orlando.
Our picnic spot.  We rented bikes so that we could go a little deeper into Central Park.  I definitely recommend renting a bike if you plan on visiting NYC.  We biked the entirety of the park, and it was so much fun.
This group of young guys whipped out their instruments and played all day. They were amazing!  Little babies were dancing to their swing and jazz melodies.  The cutest little girl kept going up to their money hat and fishing for money.  Her mother eventually had to hold her.  But the guys also thought she was super cute and laughed every time she "fished."
A little fashionista in training?
Strawberry Fields in Central Park.  We saw Yoko Ono walking out, as we were walking in!  I had to do a double take to make sure it was her.  The others missed her, but I caught a glimpse.
I LOVE the New York Times.  I wish I could have bumped elbows with Maureen Dowd or Paul Krugman, but unfortunately no such luck.  

I was so sad to leave, and eagerly await my return.  I hope to see NYC in my future!  Now off to Miami on Thursday!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stotesbury Cup Regatta

Four years ago I was supposed to experience one of the classic milestone celebrations of a person's life- high school graduation. However, I missed my high school graduation (so sad, I know!) to row at the Stotesbury Regatta in Philly instead.
While I am incredibly sad I never got to put on a cap and gown and walk up on the stage to shake the hand of my principal and have him hand me my diploma, I would not have changed a thing about that week.  I had the chance to row at a national regatta, and it was amazing.  Thousands of hours in gyms, on the water, and hitting the pavement, and it all came down to just a few minutes of actual racing.  While my boat didn't win (we just missed finals), we still made a great impression on the other teams.  With the tallest member of our boat standing at 5'8", and an average height of 5'4" (our most of our competitors had at least 6'' on us), we surprised everyone. Our all of the other eights made it to finals, and most ended up medalling, so it was still a glorious day.
Here we are at the Orlando airport, getting ready to head to Philly.  Of course we all had to look identical, dressed in travel uniforms.
About to launch off the dock.  Goose poop everywhere.  So gross!
Stretching before a practice run. 
Stretching and a pep talk before the big race.  
Taken during the actual race.  I'm slightly off time, I know.  So horrible that it was captured on film!
With the regatta coming up in only a few days, I had to reminisce again.  And I want to wish  the Winter Park Wildcats good luck!  You just brought back the Florida State Championship, so time to bring home the big one!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Circa Who

Moving into a new apartment, I have become obsessed with "nesting" lately. I came across this super cute site a while back, and love everything they carry.  Circa Who is located in West Palm Beach and carries vintage items.  Everything reminds me of my home state, and I wish I could furnish my entire apartment in vintage Palm Beach goodies, or at least have them as accent pieces.

Check them out if you're ever as distracted as I am.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Oh My!

I can remember fondly shopping at Talbots with my mom when I was a little girl.  I loved helping her pick out outfits, but I remember the clothes as conservative, a bit boring, and a little matronly.  Well my oh my has the line transformed over the years.  I LOVE the change.  The line is full of preppy pink and green, and I think it's fabulous.  I'm definitely going to have to visit a Talbots when I go States-side next week!  Here are some of my favorite items:

This skirt is embroidered with little bicycles.  It's so cute!

I think every young woman should have a shift in her wardrobe.  Shifts are great because they can be dressed up for a job interview with cute pumps and a blazer, setting you apart from the bland applicants dressed in black suits.  They can also be dressed down with a cute cardigan and a pair of sandals.  Shifts are so versatile!

These come in a variety of different colors, and each of them would be a great addition to my driving moccasin collection.  I love driving moccasins. They are so comfortable, classic, and are great for class or the library.
So perfect for the summer.

Now all I need is a pocket full of money...