Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back for the Summer!

So I admit it, I am a bad blogger.  I have been super busy this semester, finishing up my degree, but now I'm done!  I finished my last exam last week, and I'm so excited for the summer to officially begin!  

So a recap on the last month + :

I was awarded a Socialite award by Alanna from .sparkles and sundresses. in March (told you I've been a bad blogger!).  You must check out her blog, she always manages to find such great deals on the cutest things.  I wish I had her luck!

I love the questions, so here it goes!
1)Who is your style icon?  There are so many people I look to for inspiration- Jackie O., Grace Kelly, Blair Waldorf, Anne Hathaway, Charlotte York, and America Ferrera.

2)Your is your favorite socialite lit book?  Mating Rituals of the North American Wasp was a great beach read. And then books like Prep and Catcher in the Rye were great books that I read during my "time to grow up" phase.
3)Favorite party theme?  This is so hard!  But one of my favorites was a childhood hero theme I had with one of my committees at school.  It was hilarious to show up and see people dressed as spongebob squarepants, nancy drew, and bill nye the science guy.
4) Go to Halloween costume?  Garden gnome.  It's so easy to make- rain boots, men's shirt, belt, leggings, pointy hat, and a beard.  It may not be the most attractive costume, but I always get it always gets the most compliments for its creativity.

5)Extravagance you cannot live without?  Nonfat Vanilla lattes.  I'm pretty sure I spend more money on coffee than I do on food.  I LIVE on coffee.
6)Living person you admire?  I honestly cannot pick just one.  As with my style icon, there are so many people I admire for different reasons.  It also depends on the day.  In the past I've admired Hillary Clinton, my bff DW, America Ferrera, Ralph Lauren, and the list goes on and on...
7)Greatest Fear?  Failure.  I've grown up reading about so many amazing people (such as those listed above), went to school with amazingly talented friends, and have a mild obsession with politics, so I have been over-exposed to amazing success stories.  They scare me sometimes!
8)Trait you deplore in yourself? I have a horrible habit of procrastinating for school assignments. No matter how early I start an assignment, I always seem to be up until the wee hours of the morning trying to finish it. 
9)Which talent would you most like to have?   Genius!  It's more of a trait than a talent, but I want to be able to see a difficult problem and instantly be able to solve it.  There are days where I swear I spend hours just staring at an accounting or finance problem and still have no idea how to even begin.
10) Greatest achievement?  I'm definitely proud of some of my achievements, but there is still so much I want to accomplish. I'm proud of getting into my academic program (and finishing as of last week!), rowing at Stotesbury Regatta my senior year of high school, getting the Co-Chair position of my favorite committee at school, and landing my current summer internship (details to follow)

So considering how late I am for responding to this award, I'm guessing most people have already been tagged. So I pass this on to whomever has yet to be crowned a socialite! 

As for that internship-  I am officially going to be interning for The Emily Post Institute this summer!  I am sooooo excited and also a bit frightened.  

I've been studying the manners bible (all 900 or so pages!) in order to avoid making any mistakes on my first day. I'll definitely be updating my blog much more frequently this summer, so keep an eye out for any crazy internship stories!

I also moved into a new apartment with my bff DW.  It will be just the two of us next year.  Even though I finished my Bachelor of Commerce this year (graduation is in only a few weeks!), I'm staying to finish my Bachelor of Arts in Art History next year.  Our new apartment is super cute!  It has lime green walls (which were there before we moved in, I swear!), which will be perfect for all of the pink I already own.   We even have a little balcony that looks over the street.  It's also dangerously close to Starbucks (only a 2 minute walk), and as mentioned above, I have a coffee addiction, so this could be really really bad.  DW is staying in Kingston for the summer, so as she send me photos as she decorates, I'll post them up here.  

Well, I can't seem to remember what else has happened over the last month, but if anything else comes back to me, I'll update!

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to the summer,


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