Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Too Much Travel!

With NYC, Miami, and then my temporary move to Vermont, I have spent far too much time traveling (and not enough catching up on blogging).  I realized that within a one week period, I had been on 10 (yes 10!) flights.  Holy Moly am I ever tired of airports and airplanes.  So in the spirit of traveling, here are some of my top necessities for those that also find themselves living out of their carry-ons for hours at a time.
A magazine- for when your brain just refuses to concentrate on the work you've brought with you. 
A wrap/scarf-  I've found that no airport or plane is ever consistent with its temperature control, so a wrap is a great way to stay warm when the ac is super strong, and it can double as a blanket when you find yourself asleep huddled into a ball while waiting for your flight.
Hand sanitizer- always necessary!
Sunglasses- especially if you're super tired for an early morning flight, these are great for take-off and landing
A healthy snack- If you're crossing borders, fruits and veggies are a no-no, so try to pack something that at least tastes like real fruit.  I find various nuts are also good, if unsalted (remember no liquids, and beverages in airports can be expensive, so no need to make yourself extra thirsty!).  
Gum-  My ears can be sensitive to the change in pressure, so I chew gum to help my ears 'pop'.  And I love the extra kick of energy I get from these!
Ipod with good headphones- I load mine up with several days worth of news podcasts to stay entertained (and informed!)  I also create various playlists- one for napping, one for waking up from my nap, one for reading, and one to seat-dance to.
Flip flops- easiest to get on an off in security lines.  Plus their super comfortable.  Although I wouldn't recommend them if you have limited time between flights and have to run in the airport.  I'm a klutz and tend to trip when I run in my flip flops, so if I have to run, I wear comfy ballet flats.
Big headband or a hat-  My hair always gets kinda frizzy when I fly, so I always bring a big headband or a hat to cover my bad hair.  And this one from Vineyard Vines is amazingly cute!
Notebooks-  You never know when inspiration is going to strike!  I love Moleskin notebooks.  I alway have one on me to jot down random thought.  I'm also always making lists and plans, which tend to get lost in my mind unless I write them down.
Pens-  For writing in notebooks and for filling out necessary travel documents like customs declaration forms and travel tags.
Lysol to go- For those of us who are a germaphobes.
Throat Lozenges- My throat tends to get dry very easily on planes, so I always keep a couple of these on hand.  
Emergen-C- This stuff i great!  It gives me a boost of energy and vitamins, and it's great for travel. If I have room I normally bring a small Nalgene with me so I can fill it with water after security and add one of these packets.  They're also pretty yummy.
Zip top tote-  I love Lands' End's zip top tote.  I always bring my large black and pink one when I travel because it fits so much, has plenty of pockets for easy organization, and has the added security of a zip top.  I'm always worried someone can reach into my purse and steal my passport, ipod, wallet, etc, so this bag gives me a little peace of mind.

For those of you traveling this summer, may your flights be on time, the people sitting around you be kind, and your destinations be fabulous!



  1. UGH traveling so much totally stinks but these are great items to have along for the trip. I totally agree with you on having some kind of wrap for the flight I find that they're always SO cold!

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you've been on that many flights in one week! Those were great traveling tips! Love those Lilly pens! Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Oooh, I hate traveling by scared after September 11th!! But, I do love your necessities list! I'm enjoying reading your blog and getting to know you a little more. I'm a new follower now:)