Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Weekend in NYC

To celebrate finishing my degree, I met up with some friends from exchange in New York City. I had an amazing time! We were there for only three days, but we did so much. We had a picnic and rode bikes in Central Park, saw some art at the Modern Museum of Art, partied in the Financial District, and had some yummy food. While my friends recovered during the morning and early afternoons, I went out on my own to explore the city and do a little shopping (Hello, Lilly!). Before this trip I wasn't the biggest fan of NYC, but now I want to move there! It has an unmatchable variety, in people, in style, in food. I could never be bored in such a city. Here are some photos from my trip:
I stepped into Lilly Pulitzer, and the ladies who worked there were so unbelievably kind!  I was trying to find something special to wear to my graduation, and they helped me find the perfect dress.  I'll be sure to post a picture after the ceremony.

Hello, Kitty!
I took a Modern Art class this year, and it was amazing to be able to see all of the works I studied in person.  I only had an hour and a half in the museum, so I didn't get to really study the works carefully, but it was still incredible to see things first hand!

Stopped for a coffee in Bryant Park.  I love how busy the park was.  It's great that in such a busy city, people will still come out and sit on the lawn with their loved ones to relax.
I just loved the bright colors in Wholefoods.  We came here to stock up on goodies for our picnic.  I have never seen such a massive Wholefoods in my life!  It was at least three times larger than my old Wholefoods back in Orlando.
Our picnic spot.  We rented bikes so that we could go a little deeper into Central Park.  I definitely recommend renting a bike if you plan on visiting NYC.  We biked the entirety of the park, and it was so much fun.
This group of young guys whipped out their instruments and played all day. They were amazing!  Little babies were dancing to their swing and jazz melodies.  The cutest little girl kept going up to their money hat and fishing for money.  Her mother eventually had to hold her.  But the guys also thought she was super cute and laughed every time she "fished."
A little fashionista in training?
Strawberry Fields in Central Park.  We saw Yoko Ono walking out, as we were walking in!  I had to do a double take to make sure it was her.  The others missed her, but I caught a glimpse.
I LOVE the New York Times.  I wish I could have bumped elbows with Maureen Dowd or Paul Krugman, but unfortunately no such luck.  

I was so sad to leave, and eagerly await my return.  I hope to see NYC in my future!  Now off to Miami on Thursday!



  1. What an awesome trip! I cant wait to see your dress!

  2. Sounds like a great time! I'm excited to see the Lilly dress you chose for graduation!

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