Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Oh My!

I can remember fondly shopping at Talbots with my mom when I was a little girl.  I loved helping her pick out outfits, but I remember the clothes as conservative, a bit boring, and a little matronly.  Well my oh my has the line transformed over the years.  I LOVE the change.  The line is full of preppy pink and green, and I think it's fabulous.  I'm definitely going to have to visit a Talbots when I go States-side next week!  Here are some of my favorite items:

This skirt is embroidered with little bicycles.  It's so cute!

I think every young woman should have a shift in her wardrobe.  Shifts are great because they can be dressed up for a job interview with cute pumps and a blazer, setting you apart from the bland applicants dressed in black suits.  They can also be dressed down with a cute cardigan and a pair of sandals.  Shifts are so versatile!

These come in a variety of different colors, and each of them would be a great addition to my driving moccasin collection.  I love driving moccasins. They are so comfortable, classic, and are great for class or the library.
So perfect for the summer.

Now all I need is a pocket full of money...



  1. I was just looking at the spring lookbook...and drooling!

    Where are you going? Syracuse?

  2. I'll be travelling and living around the US this summer. First visiting NYC and Miami, then living in Vermont for the summer, so I'll definitely make use of American shopping while there!