Monday, March 3, 2014

Why Don't You...

Everyone needs a little inspiration now and again to boost their mood, creative spirit, or work productivity.   From Pinterest to magazines to blogs, there's an endless supply of inspiration out there to cater to whatever it is you need "boosting."  As much as a I love a novel to drift me into some fantasy of 1920s parties or trips along the French Riviera, biographies and memoirs are one of my greatest sources of inspiration.   I love reading about how real people stumbled into their current dream roles, worked through prejudices and misconceptions, and somehow managed to make the world just a little better or brighter through their talents.  

It's no secret that I love art and fashion, so I frequently impulsively buy biographies of artists, designers, and stylish tastemakers from Amazon.  Over the winter break I found myself devouring books by and about Diana Vreeland.  Now there's a woman who had no qualms about showing the world who she was.  She dared to wear rouge to her ears, defy traditions, and embellish a story to make it oh-so-fabulous.  

Indicative of her sometimes outlandish (but always charming) nature, her column for Harper's Bazzar named Why Don't You... challenged readers to add a little extra pizzazz into their lives.  I may not want to wash my blonde hair in stale champagne, but I am trying up the grace and charm in my life and celebrate every moment.   There are so many ways to instantly lift a foul mood, indulge during a dull moment, and simply live life to its fullest.  In keeping with Diana Vreeland, I'm going to start challenging myself and others to add a little bit more pizzazz into the everyday. 

Today I begin with a favorite pick-me up.