Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Supplies for the Stressed Sister-in-Law

I had such a hard time thinking about what to get my sister-in-law for the holidays.  She's the girl that already has everything she'd ever need, and wants very little.   Her style is simple and focused on neutral tones (very antithetical to me!).  But as a career woman, she is very focused on relaxing outside the office, even practicing yoga six days a week. So in honor of my sister-in-law (and any other woman trying to de-stress outside of school or work), I bring you my top supplies for the stressed:

Bath Supplies: Bath & Body Works | L'Occitane | Selfridges 
Vintage Books: Search your local used bookstore!



  1. Great ideas! I love the idea of giving a robe and soothing bath products to her!

  2. Great ideas! I love the idea of giving a cute robe and slippers with some bath salts/bubble bath