Sunday, February 20, 2011

Graduation Trip to Italy!

It's official, my mom and I are off to Italy the day after I finish my very last college exam! I'm so excited!  My mom surprised me with the possibility of a trip to Italy a couple of weeks ago, but as of yesterday everything is now booked! We'll be in Italy April 29- May 12.
We're flying to Rome first to see the beatification of John Paul II on May 1st.  I've studied the Renaissance in several classes for my Art History degree, so I'm thoroughly excited to finally be able to see everything in person!  Although my mom jokingly (I hope) informed me that I would be the tour guide and expected to give historical information for everything.  I may have to sneak a textbook with me...
Then off to Florence by train.  Home of the Uffizi gallery!  Apparently art will be the theme of this trip, but I have no problem with that!  

And lastly Venice, from which we will fly back home to Canada. I've heard so many times that it is the most beautiful city in the world.  I'm bringing my sketchbook with me for this trip, and I'm sure I'll be inspired.  

This trip is long overdue.  My mom was supposed to come visit me in Poland after I finished my study abroad semester a couple of years ago, after which we would have travelled through Italy. Unfortunately I had to leave Europe early for my summer job, so the trip was postponed.  But I think it will be so much more special after this year!  It's the best way to celebrate the completion of both my Bachelor degrees, especially my art history degree.  I'm also glad it's going to be a ''girl's trip," with just my mom and me.  My father is a frantic traveler - speedwalks through the sites, stops for nothing, and takes thousands of pictures of architecture (granted, he is an architect, so I do understand this particular trait), but it means I never get to calm down, relax, and just enjoy the places I'm visiting. My mother is much prefers to walk slowly and let the surrounding city truly sink in, which will be the perfect way to enjoy a culture known for its leisurely approach to life.  Plus, my mom is a fellow coffee addict like myself, so she's the perfect person with whom to stop for cappuccino breaks!  

I've been reading a couple guidebooks since my mom broke the news, but I'd LOVE any suggestions from my readers!  If any one has any great travel tips, must-see sights, or too-good-to-pass-up cappuccino bars, please let me know!

I must say, there is nothing like planning a trip to Italy to inspire me to study study study for my upcoming Art of the High Renaissance Test!

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  1. I LOVE italy. You definitely must see all the "touristy" type of attractions like trevi fountain, colosseum etc. One thing I regret is I didn't really buy anything too significant shopping wise, and it's some of the best in the world! If I go back I'll be doing more shopping! have fun! :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip! I've always wanted to go to Rome and Venice! How fun for you and your mom!

  3. We spent a few days in Venice and since I'm not into visiting church after church after church I was bored out of my skull lol! The food was awesome tho! I just ate my way around! The island is so small you can see the whole thing in one day :O) We walked everywhere and then took the water bus everywhere...get a day pass so you can hop on and off. There are pizza, gelato etc places everywhere so just try them all! Check out the Murano glass too! Oh and get packets of food for the pidgeons and make sure you get photos of yourself feeding them in StMarks.

  4. You will love Europe... honestly, everywhere you look there is somewhere great to eat or go see - I've never been to Italy though. So, I am expecting a lot of pictures!

  5. I loved Italy. I did my study abroad there in 2007 and took a few art history courses, it was great to take the classes as you saw the art in person! Have fun.

  6. Oh my goodness, what a FABULOUS graduation present to yourself. I, too, took an art history class and LOVEd it and am ecstatic to go whenever I do go. I can't wait to see your take on it having taken an art history class yourself!

  7. I just have to comment - please do NOT feed pigeons in Venice. The same architecture that tourists rave about gets destroyed by their little beaks and grabbing little claws, which is why feeding the little buggers is illegal! Also they have fleas and ticks and who wants that on vacation, or ever? Disgusting!

    Do not follow the advice of "Suburban Princess" (really, the name says it all) if you want to travel, as opposed to tour. Venice is more than one island (more than a hundred of 'em, sheesh!) You can see most of the city in one day, but only if you never go inside a single building! What a waste to travel so far and not appreciate it - no wonder the city despairs of day trippers like that 'princess'

    Also, you have an interesting blog - I didn't think there was much appreciation for prep in Canada.