Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back after a long disappearance

So I thought I would be able to post more frequently, but the last couple of weeks have been ridiculous, mainly because the issue with my co-chair escalated to unbelievable proportions.  The week before our conference (we hold an annual young women in leadership conference for local 7th and 8th grade girls) she disappeared.  As in stopped answering phone calls, bbms, texts, emails, and facebook attempts.  Yup, just ceased all forms of communication.  Of course, she also failed to tell the principals from the schools from which the girls visit about the event, and never turned in the permission slips either.  So three days before our conference, we find out that no one outside our committee knew about the event.  And she didn't book the rooms we needed either.  So we had three days to convince the principals to let the  girls come, get them permission slips, plan the rest of the event, coordinate a workshop (since she also neglected to book a speaker for the morning), book rooms for the event, and a whole slew of other things! Thankfully the conference went really smoothly the day of, and all but three girls from the schools got their permission slips in on time to come.  The girls loved our activities, and we had an amazing guest speaker from Because I Am a Girl.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen or heard from my co-chair in over three weeks, and have basically been running the committee myself ever since.  I am beyond floored that someone could just completely drop such a huge responsibility like this.  I've also been doing some extreme damage control, after finding out about some other things she never actually took care of.  Needless to say, I've been extremely extremely stressed over this for the last couple of weeks, which is why I've been missing from the blogosphere.

Thankfully, the year is ending soon, so my duties as co-chair (or I guess Chair, now that my co-person is gone) will soon be over.  Now I'm just focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel - ITALY!  I've been slowly planning things between my school work and committee duties, and my mom and I have pretty much everything booked. The day after my last exam, I am gone baby!

So I'm so sorry that I've been so gone, but hopefully now I'll be able to start posting again (although I'm hoping I'm not jinxing myself here again!). And thank you so very much for all your kind get-better-soon support! I think all your wishes helped, because I was good as new after only two days of sickness! I think it was my quickest recovery from a cold yet!



  1. wow you're going to italy! niicee! have a wonderful trip ;)

  2. Wow! What a shady thing to do! And still no one has seen or heard from her? Did she run away and join the circus?

  3. Thanks Hazel! I'm beyond excited! It's really the only thing keeping me motivated in these last few weeks of school!

    SP - She's sooo shady! People see her around campus but she won't reply to any one's emails! She's off to work in an accounting firm next year. Kinda funny that she's going to be an accountant with no accountability....