Monday, February 3, 2014

Spring for Winter Swaps

Yet again the city has been blanketed by a white and fluffy layer of snow.  While I love the effect of walking in a real life snow globe, I'm more than excited about the prospect of spring.

With that, here are five winter-for-spring swaps I'm very much anticipating:

Anyone else making an anticipatory list of swaps?



  1. I can't wait to bust out the neon chinos, the Jacks, and the Lilly dresses! I'm obsessed with new Lilly spring collection too! It's perfect! :)

  2. ...I wish it were cooler...but you know where I live and my lack of such lists. :)

  3. Now that spring has "officially" arrived, I'm finally making some spring swaps (even if it snows again)! Today I swapped in my Sperry's -- and my feet didn't even mind!