Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Weekend in Kingston

First off, thank you all for all the kind comments, and I can't believe I'm almost up to 15 followers. I feel so lucky to be a little part of each of your days.

So I spent another weekend in Kingston. I really did miss it while I was on exchange, especially the shores of Lake Ontario and my campus. I drove over friday evening and picked up DW from the bus station. We attempted to go see a drive-in movie (we were both dying to see The Proposal), but due to a glitch in my planning, we ended up missing the movie and went for a late-night stroll around town instead. Saturday was absolutely beautiful- the sun was out and bright, there was a crisp and light breeze, and we ran into some old friends from school who also happened to be in town. We spent a couple of hours on the shores of Lake Ontario to tan a little. The water was so enticing we decided to jump off the dock (fully clothed!) and go for a swim. It was so refreshing.
After a barbeque, we made our way to a couple of parties, creating a truly amazing weekend. The next morning we woke up to a downpour and dark skies. We made our way
to Starbucks for some absolutely-necessary pick-me-ups and brunch at one of our favorite breakfast spots. While the rain was dying down, we finally made it to the movies to see The Proposal, which was a pretty cute movie. It was a little dramatic at parts, but hilarious most of the way through. And of course the fact that the main character was Canadian made it all the better! Thankfully the weather completely cleared up after the movie, so my drive home was splendid, especially with my sunroof open and my Michael Buble CD blaring. It really was the perfect summer weekend.
I hope you all also had a wonderful weekend!