Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday, Books, and Baggage

Hooray for being 21!

Last Saturday was my 21st birthday, and I had a wonderful time celebrating with friends in Kingston. Between the unbelievably delectable chocolate fudge birthday cake, the rarely seen bright sunshine, and night time fun, it was one of my best birthdays. I happen to fall during one of the worst times for birthdays, right before school starts, and right after the good summer days, so no one is ever in town to celebrate. I'm just very grateful to have had the opportunity to spend it with friends this year.

Since my summer vacation is officially slipping away, I've started doing some of my reading in advance (I know, I'm a nerd sometimes), but I know I'm going to have so much on my plate this year, so it will be nice to be able to just ease into it. After finishing my Sustainability Strategies reading, I moved onto my Renaissance Art text, which was far more fascinating. I'm definitely looking forward to my art history classes this year, although I'm also excited to see my Sustainability professor's 100% sustainable house. So much more reading to prep...

And lastly, my countdown to Florida continues! Only 4 more days until I'm in my old home state and I am unbelievably excited. Sadly, I learned that I have to pay $50 to check baggage, so I will be attempting to cram all of my necessities into my teeny carry-on bag in attempt to save some extra money. It's so very very hard to limit the contents of my suitcase. I don't know how I'm going to pull it off and still leave room for some FL shopping. I'm really hoping my LL Bean large tote can pass for my one "personal" item. Otherwise I may end up wearing four or five layers of clothing on my way back


  1. Happy Birthday for last Saturday (I am turning 21 in a couple of weeks too!)Good luck packing or should I say cramming!

  2. Happy happy Birthday missy! Have a fantastic trip!

  3. A very happy birthday to you! (belated, so sorry!) Good luck with you packing!! These new rues and fees are crazy!!