Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm Back!

I have been a very very bad blogger lately. With my trip to Florida, being an orientation leader for orientation week, and the general stress of being thrown into another new school year, I haven't had time to blog lately (I know, excuses excuses). In an effort to avoid a long and boring blog, I'll only write a couple points.

The local Lilly store in Winter Park, FL. I had so much fun there! I loved all the bright colors of the clothing and the store itself. I was able to buy a couple sweaters for only $39 each, a shirt, and some token school supplies (although my pen sadly died after only a page of writing :( I need to go buy a refill cartridge). I definitely miss the vibrancy of FL

One of my mandatory stops was All Fired Up, my favorite pottery-painting studio. This is one of the salad bowls I painted. One of the monkeys looks a little mischievous, but it adds personality.

Colored leaves- a sign that fall is officially coming. Well, that plus the huge sudden decrease in temperature and the addition of crispness in the air

So my university has this crazy tradition for the 1st year Engineering students. In order for them to earn their leather jackets (kind of like varsity jackets), they have to climb a pole covered in grease and retrieve a tam (like a beret with a pom on top). Last bit of fun, the pole is in a giant pit of mud up to their knees. It was so much fun to see them struggle. I'm just glad the Commerce frosh don't have to do this too.

I can already tell this year is going to be incredibly stressful, but I hope it won't keep me from staying current with the blogging world.

Happy Fall!