Monday, September 16, 2013

Admiring the Famed Red Soles

Fashion exhibits are the ultimate window-shopping experience.  Decades of delicate, intricate, spectacular couture, all in one impeccably curated salon.  Some don't see the value in paying to see what can be admired with a trip through a high-end department store, but to see a single designer's career collection all at once provides an intimate look into their inspirations, their creative process, their vision, and their tremendous skills.  

A glance into the workshop of Louboutin

I make it a habit to attend every designer exhibit I can.  From the Met's awe-inspiring annual Costume Institute productions (the Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit with fictional conversations between the two women was beyond cool) to the theatrical set-up of Jean Paul Gaultier's greatest collections at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, I leave each one with goosebumps and a renewed love of the art of fashion.  

This weekend I finally made my way to the Design Exchange for the Louboutin retrospective.  It is probably one of my favorite fashion exhibits that I've ever seen.  From the moment you walk in, you feel like you've entered the glamorous world of the man who frequented burlesque clubs, exotic locales, and parties with the most fabulous of women since the 70s.  The setup was perfection - providing the perfect context in which to view these tiny works of art.  I mean, THIS is what you see when you first walk in:
I wish I could have a magical carousel with rotating Louboutin heels!

I've never seen such an incredible assortment of shoes.  There were heels made from the most imaginative of materials - from tree bark to garbage, from goat hair to peacock feathers.  Any girl could buy into her own definition of glamor. Here is just a sample of the shoes on display:

I wish I could live in that exhibit.  With each new step in my own shoes (simple penny loafers, unfortunately), I held back a squeal of excitement and resisted an attempt to pick up a shoe to stuff it in my over-sized tote.  The exhibit officially closed on the 15th, so I'll have to make do with the occasional walk through the Holts shoe department until I can one day own my own pair of red-soled beauties!

Has anyone else heard of any other fabulous fashion exhibits coming up that I should be aware of?


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