Monday, September 30, 2013

Equestrian Overdose

My coworkers can attest to my love of horses.  Our director emailed out a note with news of a pitch to a horse-related organization..... and within seconds I had emailed a response (kindly) demanding that I create the proposal and work on the potential project. There may or may not have also been a squeal or two (or three... plus a hand clap) involved.  I was beyond overjoyed!

I rode my first horse at the age of seven.  Just like countless girls before me, I instantly fell in love with riding, horses, and the whole equestrian experience. My fear of heights dissipated the second I swung my leg over the horse, grabbed hold of the reins, and let my horse carry me away from the barn and into the riding ring.

My first riding experience! It all started with a horse named Ami. 

While Summer is always overflowing with nautical motifs, Fall is abundant with equestrian everything.  Silk scarves emblazoned with bits and stirrups find themselves wrapped around the necks or purse handles of chic women everywhere.  Riding boots are slipped on and worn trekking through piles of colorful leaves.  Houndstooth hacking jackets provide the perfect cover up on chilly day.  You'll never run out of possibilities:

Pink Pineapple Shop Earrings | J Crew iPhone cover | Ralph Lauren handbag | Ralph Lauren dress | Gucci scarf | Stubbs & Wootton slippers | Fornash necklace 

When I was old enough to drive, I still begged my parents for a horse instead of a car.  In hindsight, I appreciate the Volvo more.  Although a girl can still dream!

Buying up a new collection of equestrian goodies is perfectly acceptable if I get to work on a horse-related marketing project, right...?



  1. How exciting!! And yes, I'm pretty sure it's mandatory that you must purchase new equestrian inspired goodies if you get the gig. I'm sure you'll get it!! Props to you for being willing to speak up to your boss and ask for it. :)

    How unfair is it that my neighbor to the left of me has three horses, the neighbor to the right has 5 (8 if you include her daughters), and I have zeroooo?!