Friday, July 25, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Pattern Play for Tech

I always vow to banish the bland, play up patterns, and make every day just a little brighter - and that includes my tech.  As a former Floridian, downplaying colors just doesn't seem right to me.  I've been a fan of Lilly Pulitzer for as long as I can remember, and I just love that the brand has broadened its reach to downloadable desktop wallpapers (see here for a library). I've been using their patterns on my desktops for a while,  but I've just been over-the-moon with the most recent prints they've posted.

Inspired by the sea, creatures galore, and beautiful blooms, each design is bursting with color and charm.

I've updated the library of Lilly prints, so check it out for some of the newer and older designs, but here are some of my recent favorites.

Watch Out - Lilly always calls the seafaring girls home.

Lobstah Roll - For those obsessed with this year's favorite summer food.

I Herd You - The Royal Tenenbaums, anyone?

Sunny Side - A vintage-looking print for the Lilly Leos of the world.



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