Monday, July 21, 2014

Work Trip Essentials

Unfortunately I don't get to travel often for work, but when I do, I have a few essential rules to ensure I'm always prim, professional, and smartly packed.  You really never know who you may run into, or what the occasion may call for, so it's important that everything you bring can contribute to your professional persona.

Pajama Sets: Polka Dot Joe Fresh | Vintage J. Crew 
Single Color Palette: Striped J. Crew Shirt | Giant Gray Kate Spade Bag | Dusty Blue J. Crew Cardigan | Flared Pink Tartan Skirt | Boden Dot Dress
Flats: Quilted  Ann Taylors | Banana Republic Bows | Kate Spade Snakeskins

Pajama Sets - It may seem silly to be concerned about pajamas, but last year at my agency's annual conference the fire alarm went off at 3am in our hotel... I ended up in the lobby with coworkers, delegates, and even clients.  Leave those cartoon boxers and worn t-shirts at home and invest in a spiffy pair from J. Crew or Brooks Brothers, or even a classic affordable pair from Joe Fresh.

Single Color Palette - Always find yourself with an over-stuffed suitcase?  My rule of thumb to minimizing packing is to stick to only a few colors.  Black, green, and white, or navy, grey, and light blue - there are so many great palettes from which to choose that can take you from day to night and from hot to chilly.  You can easily mix and match between a few shirts, skirts, and sweaters, and even more easily accessorize.

Fancy Flats - It doesn't matter how comfortable even my kitten heels are, after a day running around at a conference and networking at cocktail events, my feet still beg me for flats.  I always keep a pair of fancy flats in my giant leather tote, just in case.  

From travel bags, to day totes, to notebooks, to glasses - you always want to look your best.  You never know if your flight will carry other delegates, the fire alarm in your hotel goes off in the middle of the night, or you break a heel at a networking event.  Each piece you bring should be a reflection of a young professional who is organized, stylish, and always prepared.



  1. All great choices for a work trip! Stylish and elegant.


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