Monday, October 25, 2010

Podcast Favorites

I love how so many news segments are available for free on itunes as podcasts.  I don't have a lot of time to watch the news at home, but I always load up my ipod with podcasts to listen to on the way to class or to watch while working out on the elliptical. I get bored easily while working out, so it's also great that I can use the occasion to educate myself about world events.  Here are some of my favorites:

This is  by far my favorite!  It's a news-quiz show by NPR, and it's absolutely hilarious.  Every week they also have a famous guest. This week's guest was Dick Can Dyke, and he was a hoot! Past guests include Brian Williams (see below), Mayor Bloomberg, Meghan McCain, Miss America, Molly Ringwald, and Tony Hawk. Other segments include fill-in-the-rhyme, stump the listener, and general news questions. 

I think Brian Williams has a great personality for news.  I don't know why I enjoy his segments so much, but they're interesting to watch while working up a sweat.  I think they're just generally easy to follow.  

Confession:  I may have a little crush on Anderson Cooper (a.k.a the Silver Fox).  He's witty, charming, and has a great smile.  I also like how AC360 also hosts debates.  Although I'm not as impressed with the show as I used to be, so I try to supplement it with other news shows.  

This podcast doesn't need much explanation- LOVE Martha!  I don't really have the chance to watch her show, so it's great that she makes a podcast available.  



  1. I have gone off Martha since she moved her show to a network we dont get here also isn't on the normal tv channels. I think that was a big mistake.

    I rarely listen to podcasts as I would never have the time to listen to them - if I dont catch the news that day I just go without.

  2. I agree about Martha, I was so disappointed when she announced she was switching stations. She's so much less accessible now.