Thursday, October 7, 2010

Smitten by the Trench Coat

It is unfortunate, but the weather in Kingston has been downright depressing.  Sure the day may begin with a slight glimmer of sunshine, but undoubtedly the clouds and rain will usher in sooner or later during the day.  We're blessed with a few instances of that perfectly crisp, sunny, mildly chilly fall weather, but mainly it's cold, windy, and dreary.  While the weather simply makes me want to curl up in bed with an episode of Glee, Gossip Girl, or the Good Wife (apparently I'm partial to shows with the letter G prominently in the title), the cold weather gear offers me some reason to go out and endure the gloom.

Here is where I admit that I am a trench-a-holic.  Ever since I discovered how well they minimize and yet flatter my hourglass shape I keep snatching them up!  I started with a classic black trench from London Fog and have since purchased

short bright blue one from Banana Republic that is not very water resistant, but still perfect for spring

a classic sturdy khaki one, also from Banana Republic
and lastly this one while in Boston, again Banana Republic.
The only difference is that mine is a navy and black plaid (highly convenient, as it goes with everything).  It's a superb trench - lightweight for warmer days, mostly water resistant, and pretty well wind proof. It also packs quite compactly, so it carries well in my class tote.

I do love that I can now wear my trench coats so often.  I somehow feel much more elegant as soon as I put one on - and yet mysterious too when I'm wearing sunglasses, like I'm on a secret mission.  I definitely add a little bounce to my step as I march on to class.  And of course I feel a reference to Blair Waldorf.  Sometimes I'll even put on a large headband and carry my bright pink Kate Spade Quinn to finish the look.  Although I've tried wearing my pumps to class too to really complete the Blair look, but that just didn't end too well. I'll stick to my Bass loafers, thank you.

I always love how elegant and classic Blair looks, even if she may not always act in the same manner.

And now for those that I'm mildly coveting from Burberry that I don't think I'll be able to add to my collection any time soon:

I love everything about this trench - the cut, the  color, the large pattern.  It's elegant, yet creative, with an air of wittiness about it.

I think the addition of pleats makes this one very feminine.  It almost seems more like a dress than a coat.

Yes, not a trench,  but it still makes me drool!  For a preppy girl with hips, the a-line waist makes this coat a great update on the classic quilted coat.  And of course it's pink, so it's that much better!  This may make its way on to my please-oh-please-oh-please Christmas Wish List.

Any one else have an obsession with the trench?  Perhaps there is a support group I can join...



  1. Loving the pink riding jacket! *swoon*
    I hope you have a faboo Thanksgiving!!

  2. I love the blue Banana trench, but I'm drooling over that last Burberry coat! I posted about wanting a jacket like that a week or so ago, but I love that pink one even more!