Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beloved Boston

These pictures are very overdo, but I accidentally left my camera behind after I visited my roommate so I could not access my photos.  After driving back down to Vermont after Canada Day (I went home to Ottawa to see the Queen on Canada Day) I had some trouble at the border, so I decided not to risk crossing over again until I was ready to head home at the end of my internship.  As such, my parents came to me!  I showed them a wee bit around Burlington, introduced them to the folks at Emily Post, and had a lovely time dining in the yummy restaurants in town.  Since Boston is merely 4 hours away from Burlington, we packed up and headed down for a weekend.   Boston is beautiful!  I hadn't been back in years, and I was so happy to go back.

We arrived at night and went for dinner at The Black Rose, one of our favorite Irish Pubs in the city and were lucky enough to enjoy some live music, first in the pub, and then in the nearby market square.

The next day my mom and I let my dad go off on his own to take pictures of architecture (both of my parents are architects) while we did some shopping.  Boston had great shopping! We hit up all of our favorite places, most of which cannot be found in Canada.  I went to Vineyard Vines for the first time, where I ran into some Lilly-clad Ladies holding several In the Pink shopping bags.  They let me know of the amazing sale they were having (everything in the store at least 30% off), at which point I abandoned the second polo I was about to purchase and immediately made my way to Newbury Street to fill my own hands with In the Pink shopping bags.  I quickly snatched up a clutch, a tank, a Del Mar dress, and cropped pink cardigan that will be perfect to wear over dresses.  The ladies who worked there were absolutely amazing.  So kind and helpful.  And then of course there were the usual fabulous stores on Newbury that were fun to peruse.

Me in front of Trinity Church

Of course we headed over to Cambridge to visit Harvard.  I hadn't been since my college-tour days, when I was anxiously applying to schools.  It was much more relaxing this time around.

I have a strange love for gates and arches.  Must be the architecture brainwashing I've endured since childhood.

I wonder what the admission requirements are for squirrels.

I thought it was really funny to see Yale-branded construction equipment at Harvard.

I love this house.  And look, there's a black Volvo S60 just like mine in the driveway.  It's a sign!

Harvard Business School.  It made me actually consider going for an MBA.  

Harvard Boathouse.  I've never been inside the Harvard boathouse, but if it's anything like the Princeton boathouse, it's probably spectacular.

MIT sailboats.  It was such a beautiful day- so many people were our sailing.  

We also visited the JFK Library and Museum, which was doing a special exhibit on his election.  The entrance sticker was a copy of his campaign buttons.  It now has a special place on the back of my Blackberry.

That's right, all that was separating me from one of Jackie's wonderful outfits was a few cm of glass and a foot of air!  That day I learned that Jackie was apparently a bit of a trouble maker in elementary school.  It's good to know that not everyone is perfect all the time.

On the way back to Burlington we stopped first in Salem, where unfortunately tourist traps polluted the once quaint town.  While we were driving through New Hampshire I made my dad stop in Dartmouth.  I wanted to see how its business school compared to that of Harvard.  

It was nice, but not quite as incredible as HBS. 

I had a great time in Boston and the little stops on the way back.  I already miss Boston, there was so much to see and do, and so many perfect old-school preppies, especially around Beacon Hill.  I just may have to put it on my list of places to live. 



  1. Looks like a great trip!
    Too bad you had border issues - I hate when that happens! One time we crossed and since my husband isnt a Cdn citizen he has to get a temp visa...well normally this is never a problem but this one time...omg this one border guard went mental and took our keys and ordered him out of the car etc etc...hubby went into the office and they asked for his docs and he had to tell them the other guard wouldn't let him get them out of the back of the car. Another guard had to escort him to the car and back. And my husband has lived her since he was 2 years old!

  2. That looks like it was a fabulous trip! I love that blue house and Jackie O's suit!

  3. Looks like a great trip! Love the photo of you in front of the church.