Friday, September 10, 2010

Belated Canada Day and a View of the Queen

I finally got my camera back and realized that I forgot to post pictures from Canada Day and the visit from the Queen!  Below are some pictures from the day.  I drove back from Vermont for the amazing opportunity to see the Queen, only to get a view of her hat from a very very far distance.  I went with some friends from school. My father went off by himself at saw the Queen twice!  All of her, not just her hat!  I don't know how he did it, but you'll see the pictures I took versus the one he took.

The picture I took. I couldn't snap my camera quickly enough to take a picture of her hat, but I did get a picture of the giant screen in front of Parliament.

The amazing picture my dad took.  He probably could have jumped over  the barricades and touched her he was so close!

The sunset that day on the bridge near my house.  Thankfully my parents live on the canal and only about a 20 minute walk to Parliament, so it was perfect for Canada Day.  We left early to see the Queen, returned home for food and a nap, and then went back to see the fireworks.

The fireworks were beautiful.

It was such a great day - filled with fireworks, royal sightings, friends, yummy food, and Canadian pride!


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