Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mad for Mad Men

I LOVE Mad Men.  I love the clothes, the affectations, the traditions, and the vintage marketing concepts (excuse the moment of business school geekiness).   I think my favorite character is Joan.

I may also be partial because she quotes Emily Post in the episode in which she throws a dinner party for her husband and his hospital supervisors.  She's great because she is intelligent, hardworking, and authentically beautiful.  

I was so anxious after the end of the last season and certainly could not wait until this season started. But holy moly am I ever irked by so many characters all of a sudden!  I always knew Betty was a bit of a demanding princess, but she has really disappointed me this season.  Sally has  become a very obnoxious child.  And Don is taking out his personal frustrations on everyone else (poor Peggy!).  I know these are only television characters, but some of them really need a stern talking to!  Is anyone else just as frustrated?

And time for another shameless Emily Post plug:  In time for the Mad Men Season 4 premier this July, The Emily Post Institute created a Recipe for a Mad Men Viewing Party.  You can find it here : http://emilypost.com/social-life/entertaining-at-home/474-recipe-for-a-mad-men-viewing-party-courtesy-of-emily-post .  If you're looking to throw a Mad Men-esque dinner party (Emily Post approved, of course) this will tell you how to celebrate in style.  Perhaps you can throw a party for the Season 4 finale, or even for the Season 5 premiere ( I really hope Mad Men gets picked up for another season!). 



  1. Thanks for the link - I am going to check it out :O)

    The only characters I like on MadMen are Roger and Trudy - I havn't seen any of S04 yet so maybe I will change my mind lol!

  2. I've never seen this show, but I really want to see it! I've heard that it's so good!