Saturday, January 8, 2011

Florida Recap- Key West

Alas, I'm back in Canada, back into the cold, already missing Florida and my friends!  I had a great two weeks, visited Miami, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando; saw my brother and his wife and many old friends; and had loads of fun at the beach and Universal.

I had an amazing time at Key West, despite the super long drive.  We sadly only stayed for one night, but we made the best of our time there.  We had some super yummy food at Duffy's when we arrived.  I had shrimp, drenched in the most amazingly tasty white wine sauce I have ever had! Wish I could recreate it!

 The next day we took a Conch Train Tour around the island.  There are so many beautiful homes!  I started daydreaming about owning a pretty pink home and a Lilly electric car to drive around the island, wearing pretty Lilly dresses, and enjoying frozen Margaritas.

We also visited Hemingway's home (thanks for the tip Suburban Princess!), saw the six-toed cats, and learned about his strange obsessions.  

We also indulged a little
Key lime pie on a stick, covered in chocolate.  DELISH!!!

And shopped at LILLY!  The sales were amazing!  My parents gave me money for Christmas, so I spent most of it here.  My favorite purchase:

So comfy, and it never wrinkles! I think it's my new favorite Lilly dress.  I picked it up in two patterns and will pounce the next time I find this dress for a mere $79 again. It's a curvy girl's best friend!  

I want to go back to Key West soon!  It was so much fun, and such a beautiful place.  It's a must see!



  1. Looks like lots of fun! Glad you got to Hemingway's house!

  2. Love Hemingway House and LOVE chocolate-covered key lime pie on a stick! Key West is SUCH a fun town!

  3. LOVE the conch houses in the keys...I dream of living in one. :) xoxo

  4. Love the pictures!! Ha, makes me miss family trips to FL

  5. Gorgeous pictures! I love how bright all of the houses are!

    P.S. I love your outfit, too!