Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Obsession: Southern Wedding Magazine Blog

I came across this site through one of Let's Be Preppy's blog posts.

 Boy oh boy was it a dumb idea for me to click on the link!  I've been reading back posts ever since. There are over 170 pages of posts, and I'm almost at the end.  Every page is full of beautifully photographed real southern weddings, with young southern brides wearing gorgeous gowns, fabulous cakes, and hunky grooms with charming bow ties. This is the WORST thing for a daydreamer like me!  I thought Disney did enough damage filling my head with fairy-tale dreams, but Southern Wedding has just upped the ante! Explore at  your own risk!



  1. Thanks for introducing us to that blog..I will have to go through it one night..there is a lot of information..I kind of wish I could get married again just to plan the big party!!

  2. I think I've found a new obsession! Love it!

  3. haha thanks for sharing dear :) will bookmark now! ohh and i'll follow your blog too! follow me? :)

    <3 hazel