Monday, January 10, 2011

Florida Recap: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

After spending time traveling with my family in South Florida and staying in the Fort Lauderdale condo, I drove up to Orlando and stayed with one of my oldest FL friends, KMT.  She and I have been wanting to go to the new Harry Potter section of Islands of Adventure since we first heard rumors of its development in the Orlando Sentinel years ago.

I LOVED the inside of Honeydukes.  Pink and green everywhere.  

Yes, I did indeed try Butterbeer!  It was basically a slushy form of cream soda with a pump of soft-serve icecream on top to create "foam".  Yummy, but soooo sweet.  I'd recommend splitting it with a friend.

I normally avoid the theme parks in Orlando unless I have a friend with free tickets, but I HAD to go see the new Harry Potter area.  It was totally worth the $87 I spent.  They built a special ride for the new area, which was pretty spooky for a theme park ride.  It's housed within the mountainscape and Hogwarts and takes you through spiders, dementors, and Voldemort.  They also adopted a previous roller coaster into the Harry Potter world and dubbed it the Dragon Challenge.  It's unbelievably though how detailed the park was!  I felt like I had hopped on the train and landed in the books!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a definite must for any Harry Potter fan!



  1. I really want to go! I bet right now that it is cold it would be super fun! :) Glad you had a nice time. xoxo

  2. How fun! My friend went last summer and said it was amazing!