Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Heart Brunch!

My absolute favorite meal is Brunch. I love that it can include the best of breakfast- pancakes,  bacon, omelets - plus delicious extras such as smoked salmon, crab, desserts.  I love that it normally involves great conversations with a great group of friends or family.  I love that it makes it acceptable to drink champagne before noon if it's mixed with orange juice.  I LOVE brunch.  DW says I'm made for brunch.  With all the Lilly, pearls, and colorful clothing I wear, I apparently always look like I'm about to go to brunch.  If only!

If you're ever heading to NYC, check out I Heart Brunch:
"I HEART BRUNCH is a collection of  reviews by brunch lovers throughout New York City. Brunch is by far our favorite meal and NYC provides no shortage of great (and not so great) brunch spots, so here we are to document the highs, the lows and everything in between."

 A recent post makes me want to jump on a plane and pretend it's my birthday. It provides the 5 top NYC Brunch Spots to Celebrate Your Birthday.  There are fives themes to chose from, and they all sound so glorious!

  1. The Rager Birthday Brunch - if you want extreme indulgence, complete with champagne galore and dancing on tables
  2. The Euro Birthday Brunch - if you want a taste of France in NYC and rub elbows with Europeans on holiday
  3. The Budget Birthday Brunch - if you want a tamer, yet still delicious brunch
  4. The Family Birthday Brunch - if you want a place to wear your pearls, delight in delicious desserts, and enjoy gourmet pumpkin waffles
  5. The Girls Day Out Birthday Brunch - if you're looking for glamor, enjoy a yummy cocktail and want to be surrounded by chic Gossip Girl type women.
Um, can I celebrate my birthday more than once a year?!

This past weekend we had a farewell brunch for the graduating Art History and Fine Arts students at a local restaurant overlooking Lake Ontario. The food was delicious! Smoked salmon, southern pecan pie, lime cheesecake, king crab, omelet bar, crab ravioli, chocolate hazelnut creamcheese, and a constant stream of Starbucks coffee (I realized that with the waitress refilling my cup constantly, I had over 6 cups.  Which explains why I was so jittery all day!). It was so much fun to share our crazy stories from the last four years, talk about some of our crazy professors (I find that art history attracts the most whimsical professors!), and here what everyone is doing in only a few short weeks after they are done with school.

Group photo!  I'm way in the back wearing my wayferers. I should have pushed my way closer to the camera.... 

It was such a great way to bid adieu to everyone.  This is the last week of class for us, so it's officially coming to an end, and oh so quickly.  The best thing about a three week period between my last class and only exam is the opportunity to make brunch everyday.  I never have time to make a real breakfast, or sleep in for that matter, so it'll be a nice treat. 

What are some of your favorite brunch foods? 


PS- since I overlooked Soundtrack Sunday (woops!), I'm currently listening to the Crazy Heart soundtrack.  I never saw the movie, but my brother passed the cd on to me, and I LOVE it. It's mellow, and yet bouncy enough to keep me happy while I'm living in the library studying for my quizzes and tests for this week.  I fully recommend it!


  1. CanadianPrep-

    Thanks for the shout out! My favorite brunch food is definitely Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine (and all the variations on this brunch classic). Come to NYC and we will brunch to your heart's delight!



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  3. Brunch is one of the things that makes me happiest...seriously!!! xoxo

  4. I adore brunch and can't wait to do it celebrate Easter! Austin is lacking in delicious brunch spots, but I have found one that offers true traditional brunch that I'm head over heels for.