Friday, April 15, 2011

Shout-Out to a Great Canadian Brand

The world is always abuzz with great classic American brands like Ralph Lauren, J Crew, Tommy Hilfiger and the like, but few Canadian brands ever receive quite the same celebrity status.

Joe Mimram, founder of Club Monaco (yup, it's originally Canadian!!!), now has a line in Canadian grocery stores (strange concept, I know) called Joe Fresh.  It's well priced, composed of fresh updates on preppy staples, and honestly one of my favorite Canadian brands.  It's been such a hit that it's expanding to the US, with stores opening in NYC this fall.

The current spring line is no exception to the great designs he's produced before. Sailor stripes, pink and green dresses for girls, sorbet colors, feminine cardigans, anchor patterns, and a darling trench dress.  I'm definitely going to have to make a run to my grocery store... for fashion!



  1. I love Joe Fresh too! So fun and different for a Canadian brand :)

  2. We dont have the women's line here...but my son wears a lot of Joe! Our grocery store is too small for more than kids stuff.

  3. That's so unfortunate that they only have the kids Joe Fresh goodies at your loblaws! Here's hoping that the US expansion also comes with a web expansion to actually allow online shopping. I think the lack of online shopping capabilities is a major failure amongst Canadian retailers