Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sights from DC

I really need to stop traveling, because each time I visit another city, I'm terribly smitten.

And of course DC was no exception.

I visited 4 museums within 24 hours, saw the major monuments, got sucked into the romance of the city's history and political significance, and aimlessly wandered the streets of downtown and Georgetown soaking up the character of DC.

And of course the nonprofit conference was very inspirational.  Hearing people talk about the creative ways they overcame the economic crisis, tapped into the stories of their organizations, and even turned around PR disasters (the last session I attended had representatives from Planned Parenthood and Livestrong, so it was incredibly fascinating!) made me happy that I can count nonprofits as clients. And everyone was just so engaging in the panel discussions and question periods.

DC is just one of those cities where you can just feel like the world is turning and people all strive to make a difference in it.  I may be an idealist and sucker in my susceptibility to it, but it helps fuel and inspire my work!

And thank you all for the suggestions!  I think I managed to hit them all!

What is it about other cities that inspires you?


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  1. I adore DC! One of my favorite cities in the states. I totally understand why you would be smitten! :)