Monday, March 18, 2013

The Awkward Chronicles: Playing with Fire

As promised, the first story in my chronicles of an awkward 20-something.  I'll start small.... with me fulfilling a fear I have had since I was very young.  I'll admit that I'm not wholly secure with my physical self (who really is?).  I've used my long, thick hair as a bit of a security blanket for years.  As such, one of my biggest fears is losing my hair - by stress, by a bad hair cut, or by freak accident.

Well my fear came true - I set my hair on fire!  I'd like to say it's because I was twirling flaming batons, cooking some fabulous meal on the stove, or blowing out candles on my birthday cake.  But nope! I set it on fire with a candle.  I have (or should now say had) a candle on my nightstand.  I was in bed and leaned down to grab something off the floor.... next thing I know I smelled something terrible, jumped up, and saw my braid fly up ablaze with black ashes falling  off the ends!

I suppose I should be thankful I'm so accident prone, because I've developed some cat-like reflexes.  In the end, I only lost a little less than 2-inches off my hair.  After a quick trip to the hairdresser, a repositioning of my candle,  and some graphic and absolutely terrifying nightmares of my hair totally ablaze, I have come to terms with my pyro accident.

So for those ladies with long hair and a penchant for lighting candles to relax in bed - keep them far, far away!

And if you're in the market for a new candle to help you unwind, liven up your space, or simply add to your collection, I recommend checking out the selection from Ralph Lauren.

Not only are the scents divine, but each candle comes in a votive that is so chic and classic that it can be reused to house makeup brushes, pencils, or (as I currently use my empty votive) as a toothbrush holder.  I'm simply smitten by the monogramed silver one!
In the words of the gentleman who saw me run into a pole the other day, "have a safe day!"



  1. You're so not alone in this fear. I was staying with my cousins and when I got home my aunt gave me a call to say that one of my cousins had lice. I literally BAWLED for about an hour before my Dad calmed me down and checked my hair and said I was fine. My hair is so long that I knew I would never be able to deal with it without cutting most of it off.

    It's all about lessons learned, right? Now you'll be extra careful :)

    1. Oh my gosh, that sounds absolutely horrific! I was so afraid of getting lice all through school, and somehow managed to escape unscathed and louse-free. So glad you did too!!