Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Belated National Holidays!

It has been an incredible last couple of days. My bff DW, who I have not seen in months, came in to Ottawa to visit me for the weekend. Wednesday we met up with others from our school for the official Canada Day celebration. It was the best Canada Day I have ever had. We began with a free Chamber Orchestra concert at the National Arts Centre, continued with a walk through Parliament Hill, had a BBQ back at my house, and finished the day off with a free celebratory concert of Canadian musicians at the Hill with featured guest Sarah McLachlan and fireworks.

And to the vast majority of bloggers out there who come from the United States, Happy Independence Day!!! I hope you all had a lovely day, even if the celebratory colors were red, white and blue, not green and pink. I suppose we all have to sacrifice our favored colour scheme every once and a while.

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