Wednesday, July 8, 2009

For a rose by any other name...

DW and I were lucky enough to experience sun last week. Although it was a tad chilly and overcast, we ventured out and hit the regular Ottawa tourist sites (it was her first visit to our nation's capitol since her grade-school days). Along with another friend from school, we first visited the beautiful rose garden at the Governor-General's house. Apparently we showed up too late because the roses had been at their best the day before. However, they were still positively gorgeous, and I loved the bright and cheerful colors:

And of course, we had to use the scenery for an impromptu photo shoot:
We then made our way to the Royal Canadian Mint, to see where collectible Canadian coins and a whole slew of other nations' coins are produced. We also had the opportunity to pick up a real gold brick (and at over 20 lbs, it made me re-evaluate all of those classic bank theft films. I now find it inconcievable that one could walk out of a vault carrying a duffle bag full of gold bricks).

We were drawn to the Kodak picture-spots:

With a final trip to a local coffee shop for non-fat vanilla lattes, it turned out to be a truly splendid day. In two weeks one of my friend's from FL will be visiting, so I will have to plan another tourist-friendly visit of Ottawa. I only hope the weather improves from its current state (rain rain go away!).


  1. My family lived in Canada for 10 years and we drive up to Montreal often. I am wondering in Ottawa is worth a side trip. It sounds wonderful, I just did not know if there was a lot to see.

  2. As the nation's capital, I feel there is always something to see. Of course it also depends on the time of year. I strongly recommend going on a tour of the parliament, if it's open. The library is magnificent (especially if you have a love of libraries, as I do).
    And if you love the great outdoors, Gatineau Park is worth a visit (especially in autumn, when the entire landscape is full of beautiful colors).
    Ottawa offers some great events and festivals, such as the Tulip Festival and Hot Air Balloon Festival. And if you are here in the winter, you can visit a maple syrup farm and ride in a horse-drawn sleigh.
    If you need any more suggestions, simply shoot me an email!

  3. Love your blog- You are adorable!
    Thanks for following preppy gator!

  4. Great photos! You look adorable with the umbrella!

  5. I just sort of found your blog and I am so glad I did. So cute! Love the dress you are wearing in the picture!