Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shopping Success at Last!

So even though I did not manage to take advantage of the great sale at RueLaLa, I did succumb to some retail-therapy via Piperlime and Under the Palm Tree. This leads to a necessary confession: I have never purchased anything Lilly before! Scandalous, I know. However, I just attempted to make up for my void with the following purchases:
Dry Erase Board (I will definitely be posting this on my door back at school)

Cabanarama Sticky Notes ( I have a post-it obsession)

Largo Skirt in What's Your Sign McKim Sandal
Cabana Stripe Tote

And lastly, I bought those pink flamingo needlepoint shoes. I just know they will make me smile every time I look down at my feet.
I'm so excited to be able to add a little more pink and green (and Lilly!) into my life. And even though pink and green is not exactly the color comination of choice in Canada (my roommates actually make fun of me when I wear it), I will wear my colors with pride! I can't wait to receive my orders!


  1. Just found your blog...LOVE that preppy skirt you have listed above. :) I went to college near Winter Park, small world!

  2. I totally understand the post-it note obsession! Plus I love that tote!

  3. I love these items! The Post-it's are SO cute and the flip flops are lovely! :) XOXO