Thursday, August 18, 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

The recent increase in summer storms has sent me jonesing for a new umbrella. I seem to have misplaced my trusty Monet umbrella, so I'm stuck with dripping hair and soaked clothing when caught in a storm.  I must admit I'm a bit picky when buying umbrellas, mainly because few have been able to withstand the heavy winds of Kingston.  So if anyone has found a sturdy, stylish, and affordable umbrella, or has tried one of the following umbrellas, please do tell!

Compact Umbrellas:
I love that compact umbrellas can be stuffed easily into a tote or backpack, but every compact umbrella I've ever used has been quickly inverted, bent, or torn apart. However, since I'm now living in Ottawa, which doesn't get such absurd wind speeds, I may be safe with something a little less sturdy.

Of course this Lilly Pulitzer umbrella is cute as a button and exudes happiness.  Pink and petite, it would easily go with the myriad of pink pieces in my closet and brighten up a rainy day.  
This mini Degas' Dancers umbrella will surely satisfy the art historian in me.  Degas was also the first artist I distinctly remember loving as a child.  I blame it on the stereotypical young girl dream of becoming a ballerina.

Leave it to MoMA to sell a color-changing umbrella with the NYC skyline.  The simple black and white design reminds me of the Kate Space City Lights Lillith Skirt.

 Stick Umbrellas:
I've recently fallen in love with stick umbrellas, even though they can be a little cumbersome at times.  Perhaps it's the flashback I get to Gene Kelly singing and dancing with his stick umbrella in Singing in the Rain, but I feel that they are a smidgen glamorous and old-fashioned.

I've been coveting this umbrella since I first laid eyes on it in Matchbook Magazine. Featuring Scalamandre's iconic zebra print, it's a classic umbrella that would pair well with both black and tan trench coats and be an appropriate choice for this burgeoning professional.
This iconic Burberry umbrella sends be daydreaming about walking hand-in-hand with a dashing young gentleman along the streets of London.  Unfortunately, for over $200,  both the umbrella and the accompanying dream are currently unattainable.

Carried by both Charlotte York and Blair Waldorf, the clear umbrella seems to be a clever solution to a fashionista's desire to be protected from the rain and yet still have her outfit on full display. Being accident-prone, perhaps this umbrella will be just the ticket.  I assume finally being able to see telephone poles, people, and parking meters will keep me from running into them. I would hope.  

I'm mesmerized by this Color Wheel Stick Umbrella from MoMA.  I can picture myself twirling it around and watching all the pretty colors merge together. Plus it will coordinate well with everything.

What do you think?  Which umbrella do you think would be appropriate for a young professional, but still exude oodles of personality? Do you have any suggestions for other great umbrellas?



  1. I never knew there were such pretty umbrellas out there.. I love them all!

  2. adore the Burberry umbrella. classic. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my Fash Fave and Fash Fail for the week and see pictures from my Rachel Zoe encounter. xoxo

  3. I always start the school year with a new umbrella. Its one of my favorite thigns to school shop for! I am a huge fan of the Burberry umbrella and I think that is my pick for this year! Love love love them all though. I found your blog this morning and had to follow. I look forward to reading more!
    -Sarah from

  4. I have the LP umbrella coming in the mail from the 40% off sale that PeaPod Announcements had. I have a feeling rainy season will be over before I ever get it though! I'll let you know what I think when it gets here :)


  5. I have the Burberry umbrella and I love it! Such a great investment. Love your blog, too; I'm following now!

  6. I have the burb...but am jonesing for the clear "dome" umby! :) xoxo

  7. Well, actually I never pay any attention to something like umbrella before and also never know that even though this one can be so charming. The Pointed Toe Leather Pumps is attaching all my attention so far, but yours umbrella also very special!