Monday, January 14, 2013

Miami Musings

This post may be long overdue, but I'd still like to share some of my favorite parts of South Beach.  I'm ever so fortunate that my parents have a teeny place near the beach.  It makes winters in Canada much more bearable when I can occasionally escape to my old Sunshine State.

Although I grew up in Orlando, after a couple trips down to Miami, I must admit it makes for a much more fun winter escape.  I find that Orlando can be difficult to experience fully without having a car.  Everything is very spread out.  At least in South Beach almost everything is found within a short (or long) walk.

Can't beat a view like this after a stressful few months of work!

I love walking along the beach and seeing the collection of umbrellas and booths from each hotel. Salmon pink, orange and white stripes, light turquoise - you can experience an entire rainbow!

Each guard tower on the beach is unique.  This one just seems so quintessentially beachy. 

 My dad walked along the entire beach and snapped a photo of each tower.  I didn't quite have his dedication.  Perhaps in time.

Of course South Beach is famous for its architecture.  It's hard to miss the striking Art Deco designs.  Clean cut details, bright colors, bronzed and gilded novelties - the architecture fantastically exemplifies a vibrant, lively, and indulgent neighborhood. 

South Point Park provides beautiful views of the ocean and the many cruise ships drifting off on their adventures.  My dad and I rented Deco Bikes (pay by the hour, pick up and drop off bikes all along South Beach, highly recommended!) and explored from South Point, all the way to the end of the boardwalk.  Each time I visit I discover wonderful new places to take a rest and enjoy the view. 

Hey there!

One of my favorite things about South Beach is Lincoln Road.  It's apparently one of the top pedestrian roads in America, and it's easy to see why!  It's chock full of delicious restaurants (this is Books and Books, my favorite! Can't pass up their famous fried fish sandwich!) and both charming small and big name stores (I may or may not have made several visits to J. Crew and Madewell...), and absolutely comes alive with people from all over the world.  There are also darling markets that pop up on the weekends.  I highly recommend the antique market - so many great finds, from postcards to furniture, and jewelry to books.  

I was smitten with this napkin ring from Yardbird! It's a delicious southern-style restaurant with one of the best kale salads I have ever had!  The staff were also incredibly kind and accommodating to my vegetarian needs, although our waiter was a bit shocked at the request to leave the bacon out of our brunch dishes.  

Why hello beauties.....  Of course no trip is complete without a meal at Joe's Stone Crab.  While the restaurant can set you back a mighty hefty penny, its Take Away establishment has an amazing selection at more reasonable prices.  Their crabcake sandwich was delish!

Does anyone else have any South Beach favorites that I've missed?  I'm always looking for new discoveries!



  1. Halloooo dahling! Where ya been? Besides Miami lol! You still in TO?

    1. I am still in Toronto! Just hit my 1-year anniversary last week! It's been quite the doozy of a year, but still making it through. We should arrange that coffee sometime!

  2. Mmmm, I love Yardbird! There's also a great brunch spot called Oliver's several blocks from there that you should check out!

    1. Oh i will definitely have to try that! I loooove brunch! Thanks so much for the tip, BAH!

  3. So sad we didn't get a chance to see each other! Next time for sure!! :) xoxo