Sunday, January 20, 2013

Soundtrack Sunday: Girls Gone Musical

If you haven't stumbled upon Songza yet, I insist you scoot on over to the site or download the app asap!  It's such a great music service, allowing you to choose music based on your current mood or activity.  We don't get access to Pandora up here, so this has quickly become my new go-to music source for when I need tunes to power my workday, workout, or housework.

There are countless fabulous playlists made, some even by big names such as Rachel Zoe, DVF, and now HBO.  In honor of the start of the 2nd season of Girls, HBO created a playlist based on each character.

Here are the descriptions for each:

The Marnie mix is right up my alley (naturally), keeping me trucking through early mornings with the likes of Robyn, Santigold, Scissor Sisters, and Dragonette. 

For a fun throwback to silly high school dances or a great way to end a friday afternoon and lead into the weekend, catch the Shoshanna mix's Britney, Spice Girls, and Maroon5 beats.

Check it out and find your own Girls music personality!



  1. I love Songza, and I hate it that we dont have Pandora or Spotify!

    Loving the new design! :)

    1. Oh I know, Songza makes it just a little more tolerable that we're deprived of all the great music services!