Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is 22 Too Old for Bows?

I've been wearing bows in my hair since I was a baby.  My first Christmas I wore a giant, pouffy light pink dress with a similarly giant pink bow in my hair.  And of course I always put a ribbon in my hair on the rare occasion I wear my hair up (even at the gym). I also have a couple bow hair clips that I love.  While tying ponytails with ribbon was 'all the rage' in high school in FL, it's not exactly a popular tradition up here.  My friends do occasionally tease me, although they also say I look funny without a ribbon.  Hence my question, Is 22 too old for hair bows?

What do you think?  Does one ever become too old for hair bows? Even Bunny, Charlotte's mother-in-law, wore bows in Sex and the City! 


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  1. I think when you're still young (early 20s), you can pull of bows, but I absolutely HATE when I see older women with bows in their hair! Every time I saw Bunny on SATC, I'd cringe. I even hated it when Lily wore a bow in Gossip Girl. I think when you have kids that wear bows in their hair, you're probably too old to be wearing it in yours.

  2. Couldn't agree more with Miss Southern Prep! I wear ribbons when I go to the gym, and I've had guys tell me they like it ... hmm that sounds strange now, but compliments are always welcome in my world :) If you like bows, go for it!

  3. I hope it's not too old! I am 29 and just bought 2 new headbands with bows on them LOL. I also live up north, Southwestern Ontario. It's not a big trend up here. Guess thats why I am always spending my time South of the border :) xoxo

  4. Miss Southern Prep - I like that rule, if you have kids who wear bows, you shouldn't. Very sensible. And I agree about Bunny. She looked absolutely ridiculous sometimes, especially when she wore the very large bows. She should have substituted her bows for simple tortoise shell clips.

    Argyle and Alligators- I love to hear that guys like the bows! My bff DW always claims that my bows will only make guys think I'm childish or much younger than I actually am, so it's good to hear that they can appreciate them. Although I think what she says may sadly be right for Canadian guys.

    Southern Princess - I feel your pain about the lack of the bow trend up here! It's always a relief every time I travel south to see others wearing bows in their ponytails. I think the Gossip Girl mania has definitely helped make headbands with bows more acceptable though, so I think your new headbands will be very perfectly stylish!