Monday, November 1, 2010

Outfit of the Day - Dressed for a Conference

Last week I attended the Queen's Business Forum on the Fashion Industry, a conference that looked into the changes in the fashion industry.  We had some pretty good guest speakers, including Canadian designer David Dixon and Canadian supermodel Stacey McKenzie (who was a judge on Canada's Next Top Model).

 Stacey's speech was absolutely incredible. She told us all about her rise to model fame, dealing with rejection in the US, Canada, and France, until finally she got a job for Jean Paul Gaultier, who was the first person to tell her she was beautiful.  She brought everyone to tears, even herself.

There were two days of events.  Friday we had speakers and a case competition, for which we had to create an outfit out of recycled materials .  My group didn't win, but it was still fun to make a dress out of garbage bags, safety pins, and duct tape.

Friday I wore a Joe Fresh shift, H&M cardigan, RL heels, and my great grandmother's Czechoslovakian glass pearls. Normally I would stick to plain business casual clothes consisting of a black pencil skirt and button down, but I figured that because it was a fashion conference, I could get away with a more colorful outfit.

Saturday I wore my RL black and white dress, Lilly cardigan and sunglasses, and my Maxstudio heeled oxfords. 

Saturday night we got to go to a fashion show that featured student designs.  While some of the designs were creative, there was far too much spandex for my comfort.  I didn't realize spandex was the this year's 'it' material.  I think I'll still stay far away from it, though.  To the night's events I wore a dress by Teenflo (a Canadian fashion label), a J. Crew blazer, and red heels that in hind sight were a bad idea. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!



  1. I love those outfits! I hope you had a great Halloween!

  2. Sounds like lots of fun! She was just on the news talking about her skin condition.

    I had no idea Joe was making shifts! The closest one to me is 45kms away and their website (like most Canadian lines) stinks :O(

    I was thinking, if you are ever driving along the 401...let me know and I will meet you for coffee or lunch or something!