Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger Wagoneer for Sale

Check this out!  Remember the car from Tommy Hilfiger's great tailgating ads from this fall:

Well, now you can buy the wagoneer from the ad, "pimped out" Tommy-style of course!  For its 100th anniversary, Women's Wear Daily is holding an auction of rare fashion pieces, and this car is included!  Here are some pics of the car (taken from the auction site here):

I love all of the plaid detailing!  Currently the next bid is set for $11,500.  I'm almost tempted to give up my Volvo for this super preppy, and now iconic, vehicle!  If anyone is in the market for a preppy car, this may just be your lucky day!



  1. I would love this! But I just announced a big kitchen renovation and I think if I came home with this hubby would finally put his foot down lol

  2. I would love this truck! Believe it or not it is exactly what I have wanted since I got my license! I want to open a bakery in the near future and would love to deliver cupcakes in this. And the fact that Hilfiger has added their own touch just makes it ven better :)

  3. No way!!! Many thanks for sharing. I am a HUGE fan of Wagoneers. Expect a post soon re: my favorite rides. Many thanks for sharing and cheers. Xoxo-BLC

  4. Southern Princess- That's great! I hope your dreams come true! And I think delivering cupcakes in the Tommy car would be divine! Stylish and yummy!

    BLC- looking forward to the post! I love reading about people's favorite things.