Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Needlepoint Loafers

Last year I purchases these babies from By Paige.

They are unbelievably comfortable!   After about a week or two of blisters and pain, they formed perfectly to my feet and are now one of my favorite pairs of shoes ever.  I signed up for emails from the company a while back, and here's some good news:  there are many pairs of loafers, mules, and ballet flats on sale, some as low as $56.  So if you're looking to buy needlepoint shoes, now is the time to do so! Perhaps as a Christmas gift for a preppy friend or family member?

Here are some of my favorites from the sale bin:


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  1. Oooo they are so cute! Do they ship to Canada? Or do you send them to your parents?

  2. I had them shipped to FL and then picked them up when I visited my brother, but they do ship Internationally by special request. I think you just have to call in your order and they'll take care of you!

  3. Oh how I long for the alligator mules!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  4. They definitely ship to Canada! I ordered the seashell loafers a few years ago and love them! They are amazing shoes!!!!